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Smarter Science Better Buildings

Grade 7 Science, Heat and Temperature 

Program Information

This 2 hour, hands-on workshop allows students to explore the concepts of heat and temperature through the practical application of making our homes more energy efficient.

Saskatchewan Environmental SocietySmarter Science Better Buildings has been developed collaboratively by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, the Western Development Museum, VerEco Homes, with assistance from Saskatoon Public School Division, and Sun Ridge Group. Sponsored by SaskEnergy and SaskPower.

Smarker Science Better Buildings was recognized at the 6th RCE Saskatchewan Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Event, 2014.

Cost: $3.00 per student.


Grade and Curriculum Connection

Grade 7 Curriculum Connections:
Science 7 plus integration with Social Studies, English Language Arts, Arts Education, and Mathematics.


Teacher Information and Student Packages

Bus Subsidy Grant Program Information

Kids get on 1950s school bus in diorama at WDM Saskatoon The Saskatchewan Environmental Society and SaskEnergy are proud to offer selected coverage for bus subsidies for qualifying schools.

How to apply:
Register for the Smarter Science Better Buildings program by the application deadline for the WDM you wish to visit. Once all applications are accepted by the Museum, names of participating schools will be shared with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society who will then determine the recipients of bussing subsidies. Teachers/schools are responsible for contacting transportation companies and booking their own bus. Schools will be notified of approval by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.

Please direct questions about the Bus Subsidy Grant Program to the Education Department at the Museum you wish to visit.

For Teachers:
Smarter Science Better Buildings Teacher Manual (PDF)

WDM Location Program Dates Registration Forms and Student Packages
Please print one Student Package for student group and bring to Museum (for details, refer to page 3 of the Teacher Manual).

Moose Jaw WDM

February 27 - March 9, 2018

WDM Moose Jaw Program Information (PDF)
WDM Moose Jaw Program Application (PDF)

WDM Moose Jaw Student Package (PDF)

North Battleford WDM May 7 - 25, 2018

WDM North Battleford Program Information (PDF)
WDM North Battleford Program Application (PDF)
WDM North Battleford Student Package (PDF)

Saskatoon WDM January 30 – 
February 16, 2018

WDM Saskatoon Program Information (PDF)
WDM Saskatoon Application form (PDF)

WDM Saskatoon Student Package (PDF)

Yorkton WDM October 16 - November 3, 2017
WDM Yorkton Program Information (PDF)

WDM Yorkton Student Package (PDF)

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Resources and Checklists

Checklist for Energy Efficient Housing Calculations:
       Choose a format: Adobe PDF or Excel Spreadsheet (XLS)

Smarter Science Better Buildings - Introduction Video (12 minutes)
        Introduction Video script (PDF)

Teacher Resources

All Teacher Resources below are in PDF format.

resource papersTeacher Resource: Building Envelope

Teacher Resource: Building Materials Reference

Teacher Resource: Conduction, Radiation, and Convection

Teacher Resource: Innovative Saskatchewan Design

Teacher Resource: Passive Solar Design

Teacher Resource: Radiant Floor Heating

Teacher Resource: Solar Collectors

Teacher Resource: Thermal Mass


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Additional Resources

Saskatchewan Environmental Society - Destination Conservation Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Environmental Society - Destination Conservation Saskatchewan Resources

Recycle Saskatchewan

Keeping the Heat In - Natural Resources Canada

Log Home
Yorkton WDM

Few people ever crossed the threshold of a home built almost 100 years ago near present-day Theodore, Saskatchewan. That all changed dramatically when the shack was lifted and transported to the Yorkton WDM.

Find out more about the Log Home >>


Canadian Pacific Railway Station Replica
Moose Jaw WDM

In 1885, Canada was linked from coast to coast by the CPR. Every eight or nine miles on the prairies, the railway was built a siding complete with station, section houses and a name.

Find out more about the Railway Station replica >>


WDM North Battleford Doctor's HomeDoctor's Home
North Battleford WDM

This is the home of Dr Joseph Jules Hamelin, one of the first doctors to practice in North Battleford. It was moved from 99th Street to the WDM in 1970.

Find out more about the Doctor's Home >>


Brown suitcaseUkrainian Home Replica
North Battleford WDM

When Ukrainian settlers came to Saskatchewan, they needed shelter. Homes were built quickly with materials at hand. In the parkland, this meant logs, willow branches, earth and prairie grass.

Find out more about the Ukrainian Home replica >>


Born With A Drum

Based on guidance from First Nations Elders, SICC and WDM researchers developed this exhibit which incorporates five strands: 1. a general introduction to First Nations education; 2. traditional learning; 3. Treaty right to education; 4. Residential schooling; and 5. the future of First Nations education.

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Winds of Change exhibit
Saskatoon WDM

Three turbines have been installed outside the Saskatoon Western Development Museum and a permanent indoor companion exhibit sits ready to inform the public about the past, present, and potential future of wind power in Saskatchewan.

Read more about Winds of Change >>

Winning the Prairie Gamble - Sod House
Saskatoon WDM

At the sod house exhibit, the season is early summer. It is the first summer on the homestead for the farm wife and the children, the second for the husband. In the distance behind the house are storm clouds and smoke from a prairie fire.

Find out more about sod houses >>

Winning the Prairie Gamble - Eaton's Catalogue House
Saskatoon WDM

Ordering a house through the catalogue ... Nonsense! It wasn’t nonsense in the early years of the 20th century. Mail-order house packages from T. Eaton and several other companies were a good option for those farm families who lived miles away from the nearest lumber yard.

Find out more about Eaton's Catalogue houses >>


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Smarter Science Better Buildings appreciates the support of partners:




Thank you to the following people and companies for their expertise and/or for donating or lending materials:

Nexus Solar Corporation, Jeannine Paul

Ply Gem

Saskatoon Light and Power, Kevin Hudson, Nathan Ziegler

James Hopper Furniture, Jim Hopper

Futureproof Commissioning Solutions, Shane Wolfe