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Curatorial Centre
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George Shepherd Library

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Buggy Seat Upholstery Course

Instructor Buck Borrowman assisting a studentThe Buggy Seat Upholstery course is offered for three days close to the Introduction to Wheelwrighting course.

The course teaches all aspects of buggy seat re-construction, padding and upholstering. Tufted upholstery will be the style taught. The class deals only with foam rubber padding, not springs. See below for more information about seat types covered by this course.


WDM Curatorial Centre in Saskatoon


For more information or to register,
contact (306) 934 - 1400 or email us.

What kind of buggy seat can we bring to work on?

The photos below show typical finished buggy seats by former course participants. Please contact us before the course if your seat looks different than these.

Before and after images of a buggy seat upholstered at the 2013 WDM Buggy Upholstery courseBefore and after photos of a seat done at the
2013 Buggy Upholstery course.