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Eaton's Once Upon a Christmas

Eaton's Artifacts at the WDMFuzzy Wuzzy Bears at Eaton's Once Upon a Christmas display

The WDM has a large selection of things ordered from the Eaton’s catalogue by Saskatchewan shoppers. Household items, farm equipment, toys and games ... trains from East to West delivered Eaton’s parcels near and far.

The WDM artifact collection holds Eatonia and Viking washing machines, Eaton’s treadle sewing machines, an Eaton’s Bulldog stationary gas engine, autoharps and accordions, radios and razors, clocks and cameras, shoes and skates - all ordered from the Eaton’s catalogue.

Eaton’s Catalogue Houses

Ordering a house through the catalogue ... Nonsense! It wasn’t nonsense in the early years of the 20th century. Mail-order house packages from T. Eaton and several other companies were a good option for those farm families who lived miles away from the nearest lumber yard. The new Winning the Prairie Gamble exhibit at the Saskatoon Western Development Museum features partial replicas of a home plan ordered through the Eaton’s catalogue - the Earlsfield model, the most popular style built on the prairies during the late teens and early 1920s.

Dozens of Earlsfield houses still stand on the prairies today. In 2005, the WDM salvaged materials from an Earlsfield house on the Miller farm south of Cut Knife for use in the Winning the Prairie Gamble exhibit.

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