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FEED by Mindy Yan Miller

April 30-August 9, 2015

FEED exhibit by Mandy Yan Miller
Image courtesy Mindy Yan Miller

Mindy Yan Miller is motivated as much by social relations as aesthetics. Her art is rooted in fibre traditions. She frequently uses masses of potent materials to produce large-scale installations. Materials like human hair, animal hides, coke cans and used clothes are manipulated in very straightforward ways so that their embedded meanings aren’t obscured, and play a vital role in work’s overall significance.

In FEED, Yan Miller takes a familiar form and replaces one material for another. The hay bale: a method of conserving and maximizing crop production, is reimagined here as a way of conserving and maximizing the (over) production of clothes.

With mechanization, dehumanized labour conditions across the developing world and the fashion industry’s ceaseless pressure to buy more, could these clothes bales provide an answer to over consumption and production? Probably not, but they might serve as silent reminders that some things are ultimately more valuable than others.

Since graduating from NSCAD University with a MFA in 1990, Mindy Yan Miller has exhibited across Canada, Europe and United States. Now living in Saskatoon, her work continues to be inspired by themes of labour, identity, loss and commodification.

Coming Soon:
Canada Day 1

July 26 – December 6, 2015

Travelling exhibit from Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Canada Day 1

Explore First Steps, First Impressions and First Experiences as a Newcomer to Canada

The immigration experience is marked by firsts. The first day in a new country takes shape with an individual’s first steps, first impressions and first experiences. Come explore immigrants’ diverse personal Day 1 experiences, from Confederation to present day. Visit the bilingual exhibition Canada: Day 1 from July 26 – December 6, 2015 at WDM Saskatoon.

Newcomers’ unique and shared experiences—across time and cultures—are highlighted in a thoughtful way through oral histories, archival images, original artworks, objects and your participation. Explore Day 1 through the themes of Transitions, Arrival, Encounters, Finding Your Way and Reflections. You will be transported back to your first day in Canada, or inspired to imagine yourself in a newcomer’s shoes.

Your Canada: Day 1 experience goes beyond the exhibition. Through community outreach programs and learning opportunities in local schools, Canada: Day 1 is sure to spark ongoing conversations and further reflections on collective Canadian identity.
Wall of photos - Canada: Day 1 exhibit

Suitcases - Canada: Day 1 exhibit

Above: Canada: Day 1 exhibit on display at Saskatoon WDM


Canada: Day 1 is a travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 as a legacy project of our nation’s 150th anniversary in 2017 and supported by RBC Foundation.

July 22, 2015 - WDM Canada: Day 1 Media Release (PDF)

RBCroduced by Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21


Annual Exhibit:
Eaton's Once Upon a Christmas

November - January

Eaton's Once Upon a Christmas

Christmas carollers greet visitors to Eaton's Once Upon a ChristmasWestern Development Museum exhibit

Capturing the magic and snowflake
make-believe of the season!

Since 1987, the Eaton’s Once Upon a Christmas exhibit has delighted visitors, young and old. The exhibit continues to be a major attraction for those who visit the WDM during the holiday season. It offers an opportunity for parents to share with their children memories of their childhood and it allows children to enter to a world of make-believe and magic.

Visit the Saskatoon WDM with your family and enjoy this wonderful Saskatchewan tradition.

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