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Yorkton, SK

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Winning the Prairie Gamble

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Yorkton WDM - Clay Oven - man mixing clay and staw with bare feet standing in front of almost complete oven
Clay Oven

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Yorkton WDM - Story of People

The Yorkton WDM chronicles the stories of immigrants to Saskatchewan. From a display of an attic filled with toys to an authentic log home inside the Museum, from the giant Twin City to the Morris rod weeder, exciting exhibits will help you gain insight into the undaunted spirit of the people who came to this land.

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Yorkton virtual tour
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Sparks Off the Anvil Newsletter
July-August 2015

A New Home for An Old Home - Where did the log home in the Yorkton WDM come from?

Log home in Winning the Prairie Gamble exhibit

Is it a real home? How did it get into the WDM? Who lived in it? What did the Museum find in the attic? Find out the answers to these questions, and more.

Go Behind-the-Scenes: How does the Museum create an exhibit?

Exhibit design plans

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